Welcome to the Yerba Nomadica 2018 Herbal Aprendeship! If you are participating in this years series, you have signed and agreed to the following:


Please read the below agreements before you sign and date at the bottom, and return with your $100.00 deposit. These agreements are in place to create a transparent and safe learning environment and are required for participation.



We are excited to have you join us on this inaugural year to explore the various perspectives and traditions in herbal medicine, and are honored that you’ve chosen to allow us to facilitate this step on your healing path.




-Class meets one Saturday a month in the Tucson, Arizona area from 10am-4pm. Out of respect for all other participants and facilitator, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes early so that class may begin promptly at 10 am.


-This is not a formal academic program, and therefore participants will not be assessed based on conventional grades, tests, etc - that being said, we would like to strongly emphasize that folks will get out of this program what they put into it. We suggest that participants attend 90% or more of in class hours and complete 90% or more of take-home projects to get the most out of this offering. Participants who miss class or lack participation are still responsible for the entire cost of the class. Payments are non-refundable.




-Each participant will be responsible for their own transportation to and from classes that meet in the Tucson urban area, and carpooling is encouraged. We will also provide bus routes if necessary.


-Gatherings that meet in public parks or wild spaces will offer ride shares, leaving from a central urban location for folks who request it.




-We will take about a half hour lunch break each day, so please come with your own food and drink, and make sure the container for any beverages to be kept in the classroom have a no-spill lid. You are also welcome to bring snacks to consume throughout the class day.




- Some of our class hours will be spent outdoors on plant walks, hikes, etc. Participants take on full responsibility for any risks associated with these areas and waive Carla Vargas-Frank and Yerba Nomadica from any liability resulting from injury including but not limited to sun exposure, heat, sufficient water supply, contact with venomous creatures or cactus, etc. All attendees will be expected to familiarize themselves with the risks involved and come prepared to outdoor excursions.


-We will be taking and using herbs in and outside of class. It is not required. If you have any allergies, please inform class facilitator prior to the beginning of the series. Understand that in rare circumstances unwanted effects of herbs can occur – we will be transparent with any contraindications before giving out herbs, however it is your responsibility to make the decision for yourself whether ingesting herbs is right for you.


Carla Vargas-Frank s not a licensed medical professional and therefore does not diagnose, persrcibe, or treat disease.


 I understand and agree to the above terms.



(print name) _______________________________________________________________________


(signature) __________________________________________            (date) _______________




If you are applying for work trade or scholarship and have not yet been informed of your status, please cut off the bottom section and turn in when final payment amount is determined.




I (print name) _________________________________________________________________________,  have agreed to the following payment option (chose the options that apply):

o   1 payment of __________________ due in full before the first day of class. I understand that If I fail to make this payment, I will be excluded from attending class until it is received with no full or partial refunds reflecting class hours missed.

o   4 installments of _______________, to be paid in class on March 10th 2018, May 12th 2018, July 14th 2018, Sept 8th 2018.  I understand that if I miss a payment it will be due ASAP and if I miss two payments I will be excluded from attending the remaining class hours with no refund.  

o   I am a work trade recipient (25% off of total cost)

o   I am a scholarship recipient in the amount of _____________________.



(signature) _________________________________________________________   (date) ________________