Circle of Community Healing

The below practitioners and makers have volunteered to offer discounts to our small community of Witches & Radicles this year in celebration of your commitment to the healing of yourselves and others!

Most of these individuals have been chosen due to the reciprocity and ethics that they value, including social and environmental responsibility. Many strive to acknowledge the role that privilege plays in their own lives and practices and find ways to use those areas of access to center marginalized communities and deconstruct the harmful influence of colonialism on our bodies, minds & spirits.


Supporting the livelihood of healing artists who practice their craft with integrity, and skill, and reciprocity helps to keep healing services accessible and readily available in local communities.



La Mystica Tarot

Elise Entzenberger is based in Austin, Texas and offers 30 min and hour long tarot readings for individuals looking to find "clarity and reflection." She provides in person or distance sessions via phone or Skype. She also offers classes and workshops in interpreting the tarot and makes ritually inspired art - all available on her website at

I met Elise when I used to teach at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in Austin. She was a part of the very last group that I facilitated before moving back to Tucson in 2014 and we have remained in contact off and on, over the years. Since then I have been inspired by watching her practice continue to evolve and grow into tarot and coaching services (she is currently pursuing a masters degree in counseling), and have been moved by many of the insights that she has shared on her unique perspective of the tarot, what it can teach us, and how to use it as a source of self-empowerment.

Elise is offering 25% off of tarot readings of any length for the duration of the 9 month series to participants of the 2018 Herbal Aprendeship - use the code APRENDESHIPLOVE when filling out your intake form to schedule your reading.


Sisters of the West

Renée Camilla is la yerbera Nicoya behind sisters of the west based out of Weed, California. She specializes in making beautiful distillations and medicinal blends of cultivated plant species indigenous to northern California. Renée practices clinical and energetic herbalism, and is a fellow graduate of the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, taught by Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes.

Renée is one of my biggest inspirations of how to walk in the world with courage & grace and she is about to become a mamma this spring! She and I attended both the full time 4 month program and the advanced program at Blue Otter together and she is a force and a dear comadre. Renée can often be found standing up to large commercial wild-harvesting companies in defense of the plants and reciprocal treatment of wild stands, and guiding clients in her clinical practice in the the Mount Shasta area (she is also available for distance consults by phone or Skype).

Sisters of the West is offering 25% off of any online purchase with the discount code: BRUJERIACONCARLA (haha!). She invites you to use the offer as many times as you like for the 9 month duration of our 2018 Herbal Aprendeship.





A Wild Light Apothecary

Fern Wynn is a community herbalist and practices clinical energetic herbalism in Seattle, WA. She produces a line of herbal products and runs a monthly Community Supported Apothecary subscription that features a collection of remedies for well being through the shifting seasons of the year.

Fern uses her herbalism as an extension of her activism, and as believing that herbs are a radical form of care for self and community, she is invested in making it accessible and affordable. Fern is an incredibly strong spirit and gifted energy reader. I feel truly lucky to have become her friend throughout our time studying together at Blue Otter under the instruction of Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes. She's a tuff cookie with a boyant spirit, and a wild sense of humor who has taught me so much about authenticity, truth telling, and self reflection, as well as having the audacity and courage to heal-oneself deeply.

Fern is providing a one time offering of 15% off plus free shipping applied to online orders (excluding CSA's). She asks that you contact her directly to redeem this discount at



Niibe' Ode'

This family farm stand offers handmade herbal remedies, locally grown greens, herbs, and traditional arts. Created by Pennelys Droz and Timoteio Padilla and their family, you may find NIibe'Ode' at Santa Cruz River Farmers Market, South Tucson Farmer's Market, St. Phillips Plaza, or other local markets.

"Niibe’ Ode’ means ‘Heart of the Water’ in the Anishinaabemowin, one of our ancestral languages, and is the name of our youngest child, a daughter. The Stars in our logo are for our three Suns, Maquah, Tayamni, and Chetan. It is for these young men and woman that we harvest, plant, and create."

Pennelys and Timo are compassionate activists as well as valuable and beloved Tucson community members. Pennelys often heads up adobe building workshops with who, as a part of their offerings, "hosts an annual intensive hands-on training workshop for Indigenous people in the concepts, installation, and maintenance of environmentally and culturally appropriate technologies." Her partner Timo has also contributed to our community's healing through his past work with Southern Arizona Aids Foundation and Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.

Their offering will be announced shortly.




Brandi Jo Perkins is the alchemist behind Ritual Union, a line of luscious herbal products for skin, body, and spirit (her creams are honestly the best I've ever used - natural or not!). Brandi crafts exquisit preparations that cultivate beauty inside and out, often combining flower and crystal essences with her own percolation and hydrosols to create her oils, creams, masks, scrubs and other remedies.

Brandi is a unique spirit who blazes her own path and has found a love of alchemical herbal preparations such as spagyrics & distillation. The effect of her artful combination of energetic medicines with nourishing beauty care is something to be treasured. A former student of mine, at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in Austin, Texas - Brandi also collaborated with myself and other herbalists as a part of a community healing project; La Botánica Folk Healing Collective, from 2012-2014. She recently completed the full time program at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine with Karyn Sanders & Sarah Homes.

Brandi Jo is in clinical practice in Austin, Texas where she also teaches Yoga and Herbal Medicine Workshops (often combining the two).

Ritual Union is offering 15% off all orders from her website with discount code: "Aprendeship" for the full duration of the course.

                  AMANDA BROWN    ||      WWW.TUCSONHERBSTORE.COM

                  AMANDA BROWN    ||     WWW.TUCSONHERBSTORE.COM


Founded and owned by Amanda Brown, Tucson Herb Store has been a providing bioregional and common medicinal bulk herbs and remedies to the local community since 2003. Located at 228 N 4th Ave, right in downtown Tucson, they continue to be a valuable resource to a diverse clientele, now offering clinical services that include herbal consultations, acupuncture, massage, cranial-sacral therapy and Somatic Experiencing, in addition to monthly herb salons (hey, that's me, yall!).

I've been working at the Herb Store since I moved back to Tucson in 2014 and Amanda has always obliged any request to support the local community, whether that has meant donating herbs to local shelters, offering discounts for various special events, or sourcing local plants for the shop from Ishkashitaa Refugee Network.

Tucson Herb Store is offering 20% off all bulk herbs and 10% off of tinctures, bottles and jars to participants of this year's program. All you will need to do is give your name at the time of purchase in connection to the Aprendeship to redeem your discounts.

                        SOPHIA ROSE   ||      HTTP://GARDENPARTY.LOVE

                        SOPHIA ROSE   ||     HTTP://GARDENPARTY.LOVE


The educational off-shoot of La Abeja Herbs, Garden Party is an online herbal learning platform that delivers new lessons, recipes, plant monographs, and instructional videos each month to subscribers. Members can also access all past issues and installments of Garden Party on their website

Creator, Sophia Rose is born and raised in Austin, Texas and attended the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, founded by Paul Bergner, a vitalist practitioner and teacher. Her educational offering, Garden Party, weaves in beautiful aesthetics as she shares her personal experience with the plants and their medicines, as well as wisdom particular to growing up in central Texas and later falling in love with the desert southwest. And while there are certain areas where our perspectives don't always align, Garden Party is inarguably a valuable and artful resource, put together with care and intention, that provides loads of useful information for many starting out on the herbal path or wanting to deepen their understanding.

Sophia Rose has donated one free month of Garden Party to each participant in this year's Herbal Aprendeship. Offer is redeemable through the use of a discount code that will be provided shortly.


*If you do not want to be charged for an additional month of Garden Party beyond the free offer, be sure to cancel your membership before the subscription automatically renews.

... and last but definitely not least




This is the most widely recognized "authority" on at risk species of plants in north America. Founded by Rosemary Gladstar, United Plant Savers is a nonprofit organization based in East Barre, Vermont whose goal is to promote the preservation of native North American medicinal plants. There is also a 400-acre sanctuary for research and cultivation in Ohio. They do great work advocating for the protection of vulnerable plant species, and work to shift the harmful trend of indiscriminate commercial wild harvesting through increased awareness and education.

Membership supports:

  • General operating costs
  • Subsidizing the Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program
  • Funding research on 'At-Risk' medicinal plants
  • Provides funds for 'Planting the Future' events and workshops
  • Ongoing habitat restoration and preservation at our Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary and beyond

Benefits Include:

  • Receive annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation
  • Opportunities to participate in Spring and Fall Dispersals of seeds/plants for replanting purposes
  • Access our Directory of nurseries, seed sources and farms that supply “at-risk” herbs
  • Receive discounted registration for our Planting the Future conferences as well as other events in your area
  • Become eligible for Community Grants and other benefits
  • Access UpS Educational Publications and back issues of newsletters

As participants of Yerba Nomadica's Herbal Aprendeship, which is already an existing partners in herbal education member, you'll all receive $20 off student discount for a year membership to UPS. To redeem this offering, we'll need to collect all money and registration information and send it all in together. This can be arranged once classes begin.


The only downside of this organization that I know of is that, while they do include Yerba Mansa & White Sage on their at-risk list, they don't specialize in desert plants. That being said, there will be links shared to more local organizations that, though much smaller, do focus on conservation of the desert southwest. These will be included in your class notes.



That's a lot of special treatment! I hope that you all see this circle for what it is at its core, which is a supportive community of healing practitioners, all at different stages of their own journeys, who recognize and acknowledge the importance and excitement of this next step on yours!

You are each being held and honored by this tribe of diverse and magnanimous healing artists, and of course by me too.

Welcome to the circle.