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Dreaming in the Desert

Carla FrankComment



Nomadica Apothecary’s

Desert Dream Flower Salve is a homage to that distinct smell of the monsoons

as they roll over the desert - from el Día de San Juan

         and in ceasing, signals the end of summer.

With this offering, I honor the visions and ghosts that made themselves

so readily accessible to me while living in that quietly commanding landscape.

The recipe is a special blend of herbs that through plant spirit, constituent, and lore

recalls the enchantment

                    unique to that golden corner of the universe

Creasote Bush, Chaparral

>>Larrea Tridentata<<

THE smell of the desert. Give a sprig of its small resinous leaves to any native of the Sonoran desert and watch their eyes close & their chest raise in bliss as they take in profound lung-fulls of its unmistakable fragrance. It smells like home, like renewal, and patient strength. Creasote is among one of the longest living individual plants on earth, and it carries init the wisdom and patience relative to its longevity.  It is, in a word, ancestry, and holds all the memory allocated to such in its oily foliage and relentless roots.


Passion Flower

 >>Passiflora incarnata<<

I wasn’t formally introduced to Passiflora until I moved to central Texas.

 Its elaborate blossom mirrors the worried, and circularly active mind that its medicine seems to tame. It has been a wonderful ally to me in my self-management of anxiety, which is complementary to facilitating deep sleep and dream work. It is reportedly one of the plants able to cross the blood brain barrier, and, in that way I feel “activates” the other herbs in the formula.


                                           Mugwort >>Artemesia Vulgaris<<

 The famous catalyst for dreaming and dream work! Mugwort is associated with the moon & feminine energy, as is Artemis, the moon goddess from whom mugwort gets its name. Its silvery foliage is renowned for encouraging lucid dreaming and unlocking the subconscious mind. All members of this family are regarded as magical if not divinatory including the independently illustrious Artemesia absinthium the key ingredient in Absinthe.

 & finally

  Sage essential oil is added for its prominent use in prayer, protection, and for clearing energy. Rose essential oil is included for its uplifting and heart softening qualities and finally, a single Jasmine blossom for psychic awareness and lunar prophecy.

Sweet Dreams!