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  • Seasonal Prompts

  • Nature Sit Spot: Find a place where you can sit daily, weekly, and seasonally while you observe the natural world as it changes around you. It can be your back yard, a park, a favorite hike - somewhere you can visit with regularity. Note what you sense; who’s around (who is no longer around), what stage of life they are in, what sounds/smells/sights/feelings you perceive? Are there any particular messages or impressions that come through? This practice is intended to help you ground into place & to understand what the natural cycles feel and look like where you live.

Mysteria Medica

  • Part 1 : Each class you will receive a new mysteria medica herb to help develop deep relationships with one plant at a time. For the first two weeks you are encouraged to take the plant often, to meditate with 1-5 drops regularly, and record your observations and impressions. At the following class we’ll share our findings and reveal the identity of the plant.

  • Part 2 : During the following two weeks you'll continue your exploration of this plant; essentially creating your own monograph for your new ally, combining your personal experiences & insights with additional research that you gather on your about its botany, growing, habitats, clinical & traditional use, astrological correspondences or any information that interests you. During this time, you are encouraged to engage with the plant in as many ways as possible (bathe with it, drink it as a tea, dream with it under your pillow, cook with it, clean with it, nothing is out of the question). By the end of this process you will have a deeper understanding of the energy and applications of the plants in your resulting materia medica than most herbalists I know. You are welcome to be as creative as you like (adding illustrations or photographs), or record in a simple notebook – whatever method is most appealing to you

Indigenous Service Project

When I studied with an indigenous teacher, a student asked, how can we be reciprocal and honor the people indigenous to the land on which we live, whose ancestral medicines we work with? Her answer was simple – directly support the nations whose land you stand on. Give your actual time & efforts; volunteer, donate, be of service to their community & their cause (and do it in a way that does not put you in the leadership position).

I encourage everyone to strongly consider incorporating this ongoing service piece into their own practice. In the southwest, we are fortunate to live in close proximity to various native-lead organizations who are already long been doing the work. For this project you will be asked to choose one of these organizations to volunteer with (once or more, as your time and resources allow) and to write up a simple summary of your experience, who the organization is, and what they do.

I encourage you to do your own research to identify which organization you’d like to work with, but if needed I can assist with providing some resources.

((( J U L Y )))

Proposal for your Personal Project * see description at the bottom of the page

((( N O V E M B E R )))

Ancestor Medicine

We are all indigenous to someplace – some of us are less removed from our ancestral lands, some much farther removed. Many people living on this continent have ancestors indigenous to several places. This projects encourages you to look deeply into one segment of traditional medicine within your ancestral lineage and share your findings of cultural healing practices in a 2-5 page reflection.

((( D E C E M B E R )))

Personal Project

This is your opportunity to give form to any of the concepts or parts of your process during this series that you want to explore further or express in your unique voice and medium. The details are entirely up to you. You have complete freedom to choose something that fascinates you, lights you up, challenges you, or is of great need (to yourself or your community). It might be an art project, music, a community offering, or something that would never in a million years occur to me to suggest because it comes from deep inside you. Projects will be shared at our final closing ceremony.



I am available to answer any questions about these home practices.

Take advantage of the FORUM on the HA:WR main page to share your process, insights, or questions with each other - always with respect.