Traditional Healing, Regional Folkways & Plant Medicines

Our Tribe

"Tribes are just waiting to turn into movements"  - Seth Godin

Through shared stories, community workshops, and seasonal plant remedies - Nomadica seeks to contribute to the revival of regional folk ways and healing traditions.

Our aim is to support vital health by sharing knowledge of plant medicines, healing ritual, and nourishing food traditions - all the while, fostering a lifestyle colored by the folk heritage of the southwest & beyond.

Our Beginnings

Nomadica Apothecary was born as a kitchen counter formulary - a way of recreating the healing traditions of its founder's mixed-heritage in the form of herbal remedies made by hand.

The name, NOMADICA, was initially chosen to reflect the apothecary's first real home - a 1970's Nomad camper trailer, as well as the restless nature of its creator, Carla Vargas-Frank

In time however, as Carla delved ever deeper into the history of healing lineages around the world, the name began to take on an even truer meaning. As the similarities between traditional uses of plants, healing therapies, and characterization of disease became undeniably clear;

"Nomadica" came to represent the thread that binds each culture's healing traditions to the next, by way of global cross-pollination; exploration, conquest, and yes, even love.


Carla has been engaged in herbal medicine since 2008.

Her perspective as a Jewish Chicana & her experiences growing up in the grey area between cultural identities has profoundly shaped the lens through which she approaches all of her work.

Carla graduated from the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in 2010 and spent the following five years managing the apothecary and teaching for the Wildflower School in Austin, Texas. Currently she is away expanding her studies with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.



Who are our people?

  • Curious beginners & thirsty veterans in the botanical arts

  • Stewards of the land and the teachings of its people

  • Protectors of folk wisdom

  • Weavers of plant science & healing rituals

  • Activists & Caretakers of our people and our planet

  •  Misfits, Artists, Herbalists & Medicine-Makers


Nomadica's creator Carla Vargas-Frank's practice is informed by the folk healing traditions of her mixed heritage.

Carla Vargas-Frank, gathering Yarrow stocks and seed in Austin, Texas.

Carla Vargas-Frank, gathering Yarrow stocks and seed in Austin, Texas.

[Photograph courtesy of Brandi Jo Perkins]

In 2012, Carla co-founded La Botánica Folk Healing Collective in Austin, Texas with Olivia Pepper of Lunaria Tarot & Tamara Bacerra-Valdez of Botanicals Folklorica.

Carla's tribe of medicine incorporates deep nutrition, botanical allies, & folk traditions in order to achieve healing and balance.Her focus is in the medicinal plants, traditional food-ways, and folklore of Sonoran Desert, as well as the healing traditions and mysticism of the people therein.