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Initial intake sessions last about two hours, during which we explore at length your health, history and lifestyle patterns at my Tucson, Arizona apothecary. I also have the option for intakes by phone for long distance clients.

Through approaching physical, mental, and emotional health as interrelated, we are often more effectively able to shift unhealthy patterns that keep us in a state of dis-ease.

As a catalyst for healing, herbs are nuanced and multifaceted. By nature this allows for the potential to address imbalance on all levels.  Our goal is to find and address the unique root of each client's health issues, while also working to relieve symptoms, in order to create lasting change.

In addition to custom herbal formula, I work with clients to find nutritional and lifestyle practices that are appropriate to their particular situation and wellness goals.

My practice is trauma-informed, relies heavily on building an environment of support and safety, and depends on the participation of each client to co-create strategies for their healing progress. I strongly believe that every person, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, or relationship to addictive substances deserves access to non-judgemental, personalized care for their health.

It is my highest aspiration to provide this for my clients.



Follow up appointments last about an hour and consist of an assessment of developments made since the initial consultation, as well as identification of areas in our custom protocol that may call for adjustments to ensure our client's forward progress.


Take advantage of this complementary 15-20 minute session where you can ask any and all questions about how I practice and what to expect from full herbal consultation. We may discuss my healing philosophies, educational background, as well as how we might approach some of your own health concerns. This is a great opportunity to determine whether my services may be right for you!

*Herbs and personalized protocols not included in this option.


{ R A T E S }

Services are currently offered on a sliding scale.

Initial Consultation: $80-$120 for a 2 hour intake

Follow Up Session: $40 - $60/hr

*These rates include custom formulation, herbs, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Curiosity Consult: FREE/20 min (does not include herbs)

I ask that, those who are able, pay towards the higher end of the scale to enable me to continue to offer discounted services to those who require it. I accept cash, card or paypal.


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* I am not a medical doctor, therefore I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat people or illnesses. Rather, as an herbalist and educator, I make recommendations based on nutrition and the traditional uses of herbs to help facilitate healing and balance. As always, I encourage clients to make their own informed decisions pertaining to their health.