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  1. Carla Vargas-Frank is not a medically trained doctor.
  2. Yerba Nomadica is not regulated by the FDA and do not claim to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.
  3. One takes on takes full personal responsibility for consuming or recommending Nomadica Apothecary product to others.
  4. All products and courses offered on this website or endorsed by Nomadica Apothecary are intended for educational and anthropological purposes only.
  5. Nomadica's small batch product line is formulated on the basis of traditional healing philosophies. All of those traditions emphasize specific formulation based on the unique condition and constitution of the individual. Our retail products are intended as an example of generic first-aid preparations and therefore will not be constitutionally appropriate for every individual. As such, results may vary.
  6. Yerba Nomadica never uses artificial preservative in our products, therefore the shelf life of any given product cannot be guaranteed. By purchasing a product from this website or made by Nomadica's apothecary one acknowledges that it is natural for mold or spoilage to occur eventually - at which point the product should be discarded.
  7. We do not endorse removing any plant or animal material from wild or urban locations illegally, and always suggest obtaining permission.
  8. Nomadica Apothecary encourages all visitors to exercise caution when working with plant medicines and to consult with their trusted health practitioners before beginning a new herbal or nutritional regimen. Please take special care and consideration if you are or may be pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.